Article Abstract

Diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for gastric cancer in the era of precision medicine

Authors: Kecheng Zhang, Xiaohui Huang, Bo Wei, Xiaosong Wu, Hongqing Xi, Zheng Peng, Jianxin Cui, Jiyang Li, Yunhe Gao, Wenquan Liang, Chong Hu, Yi Liu, Lin Chen


Medical concepts are constantly evolving along with the advances in science and technology. In an era of precision medicine, clinicians may precisely classify patients to achieve the tailored treatment of one disease; in return, the accurate diagnosis and classification of patients also have potential impact on subsequent treatment modalities. Precise surgery and minimally invasive surgery aim to reduce the surgical trauma stress, enhanced recovery after surgery (initially known as “fast-track surgery”) tries to accelerate postoperative recovery, whereas multidisciplinary collaborative team aims to use multidisciplinary strategies for the treatment of various diseases. The application of multiple treatment strategies will ultimately improve both prognosis and quality of life.