Article Abstract

Resolution of a respiratory failure due to massive chronic pericardial effusion with a pericardial window: the simplest is the best

Authors: Barbara Bonfanti, Luca Bertolaccini, Piercamillo Pavesi, Eugenio Detotto, Stefano Parini, Piergiorgio Solli, Sergio Nicola Forti Parri


A sizable proportion of patients with pericardial effusion (PE) are asymptomatic, and PE constitutes an incidental and unexpected finding on roentgenogram or echocardiogram performed for other reasons. Here we report a patient where the increasingly severe chronic PE causes not hemodynamic problems rather than indirect accumulation space symptoms due to the accumulation of fluid and the gradual growth of the pericardial sac in the chest cavity. A pleuropericardial window completely released these symptoms. The needs of new guidelines on the management of chronic PE should be stressed.