Respiratory infection

Posted On 2017-12-01 08:32:08

Guest Editor: Ricardo J. José, from University College London, London, UK

This focused issue aims to cover important aspects of common respiratory infections such as community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), fungal respiratory disease and tuberculosis, as well as the impact of obesity and biological therapies for respiratory infections. Additionally, it discusses the impact of the HIV on respiratory infection and chronic respiratory disease in the era of anti-retroviral therapy, and the novel diagnostics used in intensive care units to detect infective pathogens.


Respiratory infections: a global burden

Ricardo J. José

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Review Article

Current and emerging evidence for immunomodulatory therapy in community-acquired pneumonia

David R. Woods, Ricardo J. José

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Obesity, respiratory disease and pulmonary infections

Cristina Fernandez, Ari Manuel

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Invasive and chronic fungal lung infections

Jimstan Periselneris, Darius Armstrong-James

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Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis: latest developments and future priorities

Kartik Kumar, Onn Min Kon

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HIV and respiratory illness in the antiretroviral therapy era

Amina Jaffer, Nikesh Devani, James Brown, Swapna Mandal, Marc Lipman

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Biological therapies in the treatment of inflammatory disease and cancer: impact on pulmonary infection

Ricardo J. José, Maria Mouyis

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