Xiao-Xue Li, MD

Medical Institute of Disaster Rescue, General Hospital of the Chinese Armed Police, Beijing, China

Doctor Li was born in the city of Ji’nan, Shandong province. She is enrolled as an associate chief physician in the Medical Institute of Disaster Rescue in the General Hospital of the Chinese Armed Police. She is in charge of seven major strategic consultation projects and topic researches initiated by the state council and ministries, and also develops her studies in some innovative theories such as “Medical Rescue Transformation Model”, “Systematic Model of Soldiers’ Combat Capacity”, etc; she has developed the key technologies and equipments for medical rescue, including “Intelligent and Expansive Shelter Hospital”, “Information Platform for Major Disaster Medical Rescue” and “Medical Evacuation Equipment on Helicopter”. In addition, she served in several state-level medical security missions such as the security task in Beijing Olympic Games and the National Day Parade. As the vice chief editor, she wrote the book of “Health Knowledge That Must Be Known in Your Lifetime”, which was honored the title of “National Award for Outstanding Scientific Work”. She was awarded with the 1st & 2nd prizes of National Science and Technology Progress, the 1st prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress and the 1st prize of Armed Police Science and Technology Progress; she invented more than 20 patents of IPR. She was involved in 4 monographs and published more than 20 research articles. Since her service in the armed police hospital, she has received one “Individual 2nd Class Merit” and two “Individual 3rd Class Merit”; the team which she is serving was honored with “Scientific Innovation Group Award in Military” and one “Collective 1st Grade Merit”.

Terms of Appointment: September 2016 - August 2018; September 2018 - August 2020