Wei-Dong Han, MD

The General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, Beijing, China

Prof. Han is Clinical Oncology Doctoral Tutor and Clinical M.D. of hematology. He is currently the Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology of The General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army. He has been actively involved in Internal Medicine and clinical hematology for more than 10 years and researched conversion of medicine for 10 year.

In 2012, he founded the first Biotherapy Translational Medicine Ward in The General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army and serviced as the first director, establishing "after former shop factory" medical conversion mode. He mainly focuses on cancer therapy resistance mechanisms and clinical research of Cancer therapy as well as basic and clinical research of stem cells and tissue regeneration and made many great research achievements.

Prof. Han has undertaken 2 issues of 973 Project, and 3 issues of 863 Project, 1 issue of National Natural Science Foundation Project, 1 issue of Beijing Biotech Frontier Project and get 3 enterprise investments, 4 clinical technology transfer enterprises. He is also the chief-editor of 3 medical works and has published more than 90 SCI papers as the first author in the last five years.

Terms of Appointment: September 2016 - August 2018; September 2018 - August 2020