Mi Zhou, MM

Children’s Hospital of Soochow University, Soochow, China

Master of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacist of infectious diseases, Licensed Pharmacist, Pharmacist in Charge. In 2009, He accepted one-year professional training of clinical pharmacist in Jiangsu Provincial People Hospital(JSPH) and received completion certificate by National Health and Family Planning Commission(NHFPC).

He graduated as a master of Pharmacology from the Second Military Medical University ( SMMU ) in 2014.

In 2015, he received teacher training of clinical pharmacist in Chinese PLA General Hospital and got the teaching pharmacist qualification.

He is the committee member of the Medical Association Hospital Pharmacy Specialized Committee. He has been doing an excellent job as freelance editor in several top medical website, such as DXY.com, Shanghai International Forum for Infection Control and Prevention(SIFIC), Clinphars, and ElsevierMed.cn. 

In June of 2016, he gave a lecture of “multidisciplinary collaboration in clinical pharmacy and infection control” at joint session of the 25th annual National meeting of Society of Hospital Infection Control, Chinese Prevention Medicine Association (CPMA) and the 12th meeting of Shanghai International Forum for Infection Control and Prevention(SIFIC).

Recent years, he has published several papers, and was the participant in translating and writing two monographs, and one of them is Bennettt & Brachman’s Hospital Infections (Chinese translation 6th edition).