Weilong Zhao, PhD

Translation Medicine Informatics, Global Research IT, Merck Sharp & Dohme Co., Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Zhao graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Polymer Science from Department of Polymer Science, the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, where he completed his dissertation project focusing on computational biology of connective tissue disease and regeneration. Prior to that, Dr. Zhao worked as a research associate in Hefei National Laboratory of Physical Science at the Microscale and graduated with a B.Sc. degree from University of Science and Technology of China. Dr. Zhao’s research expertise lies in computational biophysics, biomaterials, and bioinformatics. Most recently, Dr. Zhao accepted a fellowship position in Translation Medicine Informatics group of MSD, Boston, where he is integrating genomics, proteomics and machine learning approaches to contribute to the discovery of neoantigens for cancer vaccine and biomarker applications. Dr. Zhao has published 7 peer-reviewed papers and is also the leading author of one book chapter (Biogeochemistry, in Molecular Modeling of Geochemical Reactions: an Introduction, Ed. James Kubicki). Dr. Zhao has profound knowledge regarding computational methodology in biomedicine research and has secured grant application as the leading investigator on high-performance computational resources in US for the past three years.